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Speak Like A Local: Learn Some Cajun Slang!

Oct 28 2019 Comments : 0
Speak Like A Local: Learn Some Cajun Slang!

We’ve been serving up Music City’s authentic tastes and sounds of the French Quarter for almost 25 years! To get you in the spirit of Nola before joining our nightly celebration in Printer’s Alley, we thought we’d teach you some Cajun slang:

Allons: Let’s go!

An ahnvee: A hunger

Blackened: A method of cooking - traditionally searing seasoned fish or meat in a pan with butter

Bon ami: A close friend

Boo: Your sweetheart

C’est bon!: It’s good!

C'est magnifique!: It’s great!

Catch For Me: Bring me, get for me

Cho! Co!: Wow!

Come see: Check it out, come over here

Étouffée [ay-two-fay]: A delicious dish with seafood or meat and a tomato, vegetable, and herb sauce 

Laissez les bon temps rouler! [lay-zay lay bon tom roo-lay]: Let the good times roll!

Nanny: Godmother

Parrain [pah-ran]: Godfather

Pass a good time: To have a good time

Un transport: Can’t sit still

Zydeco [zi-de-co]: Cajun music that draws influences from R&B and African blues


Now that you’ve learned some slang, you’ll be able to turn to your significant other and say:

“Hey boo, come see! Catch for me the phone to call your parrain, nanny, and all your bons amis. Allons to Bourbon Street Blues and Boogie Bar tonight. Cho! Co! I have an ahnvee for some Cajun cooking. Their Blackened Chicken Sliders est bon and Shrimp and Crawfish Étouffée est magnifique! We’ll pass a good time drinking hurricanes, craft cocktails, and draft beer while we listen to the live Zydeco and blues bands that play so good we un transportLaissez les bon temps rouler!

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